Not A Very Promising Start for the Vikes

So, as most of the Vikings fans should know, we are not off to a very good start.  With a loss against the Chargers and now the Bucs, fans are beginning to lose hope for a season that at first seemed promising.

The frustrating part of both games is that at half time, the Vikes had the lead. But at some point in the second half,  we blew it.  This past game, we also had four 1st-and-goal opportunities but only managed a touchdown on two of them.  In an interview with quarterback Donovan McNabb, he explains, “It would have been a different ballgame if we were able to score a touchdown instead of kicking field goals in the second half.”  That is a very true statement made by Mcnabb. The team knows what they need to do, and hopefully this two game loss will be enough to show them that they have some work to do.

On a more positive note, defensive tackle Kevin Williams is back from his two game suspension.  Also back with a healing foot injury, he says that it won’t stop him from delivering on the field. “I’m definitely going to play,” Williams said. “Sitting at home two weeks was bad enough; the foot ain’t gonna stop me.”

With a little more variety in our defense, Williams may be just what we need to improve on the field. As a true fan, I still have hope, and I think with the right instruction from the coaches and the motivation from the players, we can still manage to have a comeback.

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I am a sophomore Sports Media Major at Oklahoma State University. I will be transferring to Mizzou in the fall to further my Sports Broadcasting career. My entire family is from the Minneapolis area and have been devout Vikings fans ever since Fran Tarkenton was throwing passes. I am most comfortable hanging out with the guys watching sports, especially my Vikes. Follow along to discover a girl's perspective of the love of the game.

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