Bears Blow Out the Vikes

Not many good things to say about this week’s Sunday Night Football game.  Vikings suffered yet another devastating loss against the Chicago Bears with a final score of 39-10.

I, along with plenty of other Vikings fans, was anxious about last night’s game after finally grabbing a win against the Arizona Cardinals last week.  Allen, Peterson, Harvin and others seemed fired up and ready to go before the game, coming into the start with a confident attitude.  However, Bears delivered in both defense and offense, holding back Peterson with just 39 yards rushing and sacking Donovan McNabb which ultimately lead him to be benched during the 4th quarter.

With how well Peterson has been doing, I expected that Bears defense would be all over him, as they were.  McNabb expects to be starting next week at Green Bay, but head coach Leslie Frazier says, “We’ve got to sit down and talk about a lot of things.”

Lets take a slight look into the Vikings defensive side.  Jared Allen, DE for the Vikes, has always been one of my favorites on the team.  Not once, even on a night like last night, have I seen him have a bad attitude about the game or his team.  He always has a smile on his face and is constantly waving at the crowd to get them pumped up. On rougher days, he takes responsibility for his own wrong doing and is never caught pointing fingers at his teammates.  On the fourth play of the Bear’s first series of the 3rd quarter, Allen got to Cutler, sacked him and recovered the fumble.  This made it the 8th consecutive game the Allen has made a sack, making him a leader DE in the NFL.

Vikings have much to prepare for next week when they travel to Green Bay to play their top rival.  Frazier will have to decide on who the starting QB will be, either veteran McNabb, or rookie Christian Ponder.

It’s hard to have hope for the Vikes as a whole next week against the Packers, especially with the Packs having a 6-0 season so far. We shall see, but it doesn’t look like the Vikes as a whole have a very promising game ahead of them.  For now, that’s all folks.

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I am a sophomore Sports Media Major at Oklahoma State University. I will be transferring to Mizzou in the fall to further my Sports Broadcasting career. My entire family is from the Minneapolis area and have been devout Vikings fans ever since Fran Tarkenton was throwing passes. I am most comfortable hanging out with the guys watching sports, especially my Vikes. Follow along to discover a girl's perspective of the love of the game.

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