Promising Ponder

It doesn’t look like McNabb will be missed much after our rookie QB has delivered a promising performance the past couple of games.  Yes, we did lose the Packers but only by one touchdown.  One could probably guess that coach Frazier hasn’t regretted his decision to pull McNabb out one bit.

Vikes brought home another needed win two weeks ago against the Carolina Panthers with a final score of 24-21. During the first half, the Panthers had hoped to make a 21-7 lead at the half but a 19-yard touchdown by main man Peterson and a fumble recovery for my other main man Allen forced by E.J. Henderson.  Henderson seems to be doing quite well after his gruesome femur fracture two seasons ago that I haven’t seemed to stop playing on Youtube up until now.

But of course not all credit can go to my favorite players.  The defense and offensive line performed fantastically giving us the lead and ultimately the W.

Week 9 was a bye week for the Vikings as they received a little extra time to prepare for their game against the Packers once again except this time at Lambeau Field. Hopefully this time we can pull off a win and bump up our standings a little more.  I’m sure we will all be anxiously waiting to see what’s in store for our team at Green Bay next Monday at 7:30 CST.

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I am a sophomore Sports Media Major at Oklahoma State University. I will be transferring to Mizzou in the fall to further my Sports Broadcasting career. My entire family is from the Minneapolis area and have been devout Vikings fans ever since Fran Tarkenton was throwing passes. I am most comfortable hanging out with the guys watching sports, especially my Vikes. Follow along to discover a girl's perspective of the love of the game.

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